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Integra Medical Billing & Practice Management Services provide practice management and billing services for physicians seeking to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of their financial, or administrative options.
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3 Reasons most physicians, surgery centers and medical groups start searching for professional, outsourced medical billing.

We’re going to be a little blunter than you might be used to about this. That has to do with our dedication to 100% transparency, accuracy, and our quest for zero denials.

During our collective 50 years of experience in both Medical Billing & Coding and practice management, these 3 reasons for a change have been constant:

Reason #1:

You’re not making enough money

Physicians work HARD and often for very long hours. That leaves you very little time or energy to focus on the business side of your practice.

But you feel like the effort you put in isn’t resulting in the income you deserve.

Go with that feeling! Because we’ve never done one of our Free Audits and not found lost income. For a variety of reasons, the people in-house aren’t going out and getting you the funds you have earned.

We can absolutely help with that – and can prove it with a Free Audit.

Here’s a great example:

We spoke to a successful Dermatologist recently. During our first call about Practice Management, he touted the fact that his practice has ZERO aging accounts receivable.

That was a big red flag for our team! So we made sure he accepted our free audit because we were confident there was money being left on the table.

While investigating processes, procedures, and numbers we found that the medical billing clerk was just simply writing off everything over 45 days old – she wasn’t following up on denials.

Tens of thousands of dollars, regularly, that never made it into the Dermatologists pocket. Work that he just never got paid for doing.

Reason #2:

You’re tired of rotating Billing, Coding and Office Management staff

Every time we see a “Want Ad” online for a medical biller and coder, our team cringes. Because we know that someone just left or was asked to leave. And that physician is about to trust his/her livelihood to a stranger.

One that you’re not sure is REALLY qualified.

Think about how much you earn every year – and then how much you pay the person that is in CHARGE of how much you earn.

Starting from scratch with brand new, financially vital employees is a big risk! If you’re tired of that, we can help.

This happened in one practice:

A new employee was hired to work at a large physician practice who was responsible for supervising the billing staff. Her references were outstanding and her resume represented years of billing experience.

Approximately six months later, the Doctors noticed their payables were decreased. After a practice management/billing consultation, it was discovered there were stacks of denials from insurance payers in her desk drawer. Unfortunately, most of the denials could not be resubmitted due to timely filing. 

In most cases, once the physicians notice a reduction in payments, it is too late.

Reason #3:

Your Staff is COSTING you money

They’re costing you money in Billing and Medical Coding because of:

And those are just a few of the ways you could be missing income opportunities!

And in Practice Management  they could be costing you in:

A too-common example:

This happened again just recently. A physician came to us because Reason #1 led them to realize Reason #3.

So they scheduled both a Free Billing and Coding Audit and a Free Practice Management Audit.

The results?

We found that the person responsible for Billing was making an extra $50,000 with some creative accounting.

The ADDITIONAL tragedy? They were also doing a terrible job coding, billing, and following up with insurance companies on denials!

Since that person was part of the trusted inner circle of the practice and had been there for years, that physician lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It took surprisingly little time to uncover both the internal fraud and the poor-quality billing!

Now that Integra has taken over Medical Billing and Coding for this practice not only are they making more money – but our fees have been largely offset by the reduction in internal staff.

Everyone is now doing what they do best! 


Combined Medical Billing and Coding and Practice Management Consulting

This is what makes us different.

We are a Practice Management firm in addition to a Medical Billing and Coding Firm. That means that Physician’s practices like yours hired us to come in and help streamline, organize, and make running a successful practice easier. More clear.

Practice Management consulting experience and expertise gives us the chops to look at an organization and quickly see what needs to be done. Quickly identify where the problem areas are. And quickly solve the 3 issues [Reasons] identified above.

While consulting on the practice management side, we found some of the biggest opportunities to help grow a practice and physician income was in fixing or upgrading billing and coding.

The professional, high level Medical Billing and Coding skills at Integra allows us to dig into the details and identify what the internal team (or other outsourced coding providers) aren’t doing right.

Where they’re leaving money on the table with insurance companies. Where they’re cutting corners. Or just where their lack of equivalent experience causes them to just not SEE something we can see.

The Free Integra Audit - The Integra Way!

You Choose Billing & Coding or Practice Management

Because we KNOW we can help.

If you’re reading this, you know that you are either missing some opportunity in your practice or someone is keeping from it.

And we’re uniquely qualified to help you find a clear path to that opportunity. Whether it’s for more income, practice growth, or both.

Your next step to getting back on track is to complete this form and schedule a free, no-obligation call to talk about your Reasons and Integra’s solutions.

What We Do

The Easy Way is the “key it as you see it” approach.

It’s when a clerk simply enters the codes that are provided. They fill out a form.

At Integra our biller/coders are CPC certified and we continue to stay current by continuing education which is mandatory given all insurance payers’ requirements and changes.

The Integra Way is to examine each chart. To review every provider’s patient notes before claims are submitted to insurance payers.

That’s not the easy way, but it is the way that in zero denials and a forward leap in collections and income for our clients.