Practice Management Focus

There is, of course, a lot that goes into managing a medical practice.

But the point, or the focus of Integra’s practice management service is to relieve you of the vital, yet non-medical issues that may plague your staff.

Basically, our goal is to give you as much space to actually practice medicine and develop the practice itself as possible. And leave the rest to us!

Our services are listed below, but here are the areas that our clients appreciate the most:

Medical Practice Management | Staffing

Every business that’s paying attention to how it runs, profitability and efficiency identifies Staffing as a primary issue.

And unless your practice has a separate HR department focused on this for you it’s very likely to be one for you as well.

Medical staffing is part of your practice team development that only you and other physicians in your practice can evaluate.

Office staffing is where we can really help.

Here are 2 examples of Practice Management and Staffing:

In one Dermatology practice we recently helped them terminate a long-term employee who was well liked, but who’s performance was actually hurting revenues.

We helped the Physicians see past the relationships, recognize the issues, develop a replacement plan, and have the phone call with the employee.

Another medical practice we audited had gone through several clerks in their billing and coding department. After our free practice audit, we were able to reduce their staff by 3-4 people with professional outsourced billing and coding (our internal team).

That practice saw a marked increase in successful claim, improvements in collections and a net gain in revenues.

Plus, a practice undistracted by those extra internal staffers and the drama that comes with staff hire and turnover.

Medical Practice Management | Financial Management

A clear, weekly picture of your revenues, outstanding claims and aging accounts receivables.

And a regular financial big picture review with you and your Management Team or Practice Partners.

Having confidence in the financial health of your medical practice by knowing your numbers is not just a necessity, it’s a relief!

Medical Practice Management | Office-Staff Efficiency

Most office procedures aren’t written out in advance. Or specifically designed as a part of overall workflow.

They’re grown from a task list in hand and assigned to whoever makes sense at the time.

But the sum of all of these tasks and how they move from one department, person or even practice to another is important. Because if your office doesn’t run smoothly it costs both time and money.

Even if you can’t identify any specific issues yourself and it SEEMS like everything important is getting done – an outside perspective can make it better.

Integra’s practice management consulting process looks at the following 4 primary areas:

Once we analyze, we move on to process improvements. Which is a very dry way of putting it:

You will be amazed at how much better your practice runs!

The INTEGRA Way | Not the EASY Way

Many physicians come to Integra for specific reason:

They might start by engaging our Medical Billing and Coding services. In that case, they either recognize a staffing issue, or are exploring ways to maximize their collections. And reduce denials, of course.

Some have an HR roadblock. With legacy employees that just can’t keep up with practice growth but are difficult to let go.

Then once our initial Audit is complete for outsourced billing and coding, we find many more ways we can help.

Other doctors and practice managers realize that to manage the next step in growth, or to maximize revenues, they need expert management help.

Whatever the reason that brought you to Integra, know that we have a specific company culture. Of looking at you practice in its entirety, not avoiding hard conversations, and helping you make the sometimes-hard decision it takes to move forward. 

Take the First Step

Take that first step and talk to us about a Free Practice Audit. Just complete the form below, or call us.

At Integra Medical Billing and Practice Management Services, our mission is to help evaluate the performance of your practice.

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